A well planned shopping trip is key to saving money and time at the store.  You will save lots of time by making a list & pulling coupons at home.  That way when you are in the store, you don't have much work except putting everything in your basket.

First find your grocery list method.

It's a good idea to organize your shopping list by the way you walk the store.  
    Word Document - copy and paste your deals in a word document then print it off.  
    Excel Documents - Start with a formulated shopping list on excel, where you enter the items you want to buy for that week.   InGoodCents Excel Shopping List  or MommySnacks has a Weekly Senerio Excel Sheet  
    Printed Shopping Lists - Use a pretty blank shopping list, and write in the items you want to buy. Shopping Lists by The Coupon Project
    Use your Palm or BlackBerry - 
    Online Lists ZipList  Grocery Wiz
    Blank Paper - Write down on blank paper the deals    
    Blog Match Up - Print off a match up from a blog, and highlight what you want.  
    Refrigerator Quick List - Keep a NEED list taped to your refrigerator or cupboard.  Quickly jot down things you are running low on throughout the week. 
    TIP: Be sure to scan your ad for items that a website or blog may have missed.  Sometimes if they don't think it's a great deal they will not list it on their matchups.  And you might NEED that item.  This has happened to me so many times at the store or AFTER I got home a saw the ad.  Only to have to go back to the store to get the item.
    Check out the coupon matches at your favorite website each week.  Some websites and bloggers will post most drug store deals one or two days before their sales start on Sunday.  But usually by Sunday/Monday you can find all the match ups for the upcoming stores.  It depends on when your weekly ad starts each week.  Also be sure to scan your ad for other items that may have been missed in the match up.  Remember to search the COUPON DATABASE if you are looking for a certain coupon to pair with a sale. Try to buy produce & meat that is on sale and plan your menu for the week based on the fresh food sales.
    Plan your trip by writing down what you are going to buy, any coupons you will use etc.  I like to have a nice list of how many items I'm purchasing, and the coupon to match it.  That way I can make sure all my coupons where scanned when I look at my receipt.