The classic way to get loads of coupons.  This is a staple in couponing.  I buy 6 newspapers a week.  I have one delivered and buy 5 more at the store.  Some people subscribe to have all of them delivered, but I just don't trust I will get them and that they will have all my inserts inside.  If you live in a smaller town, try to get a bigger cities newspaper for more coupons, or pick up other cities newspapers at the bookstore for varying coupons.  Not all areas get the same coupons in the Sunday paper!
Our area offers discounted newspapers at certain stores throughout the year.  The stores vary, so this maybe something you could look into.  Kroger, Meijer, Walgreens and UDF all cycle Sunday newspapers for $1.25.  Sometimes I can't find them that cheap and have to pay full price.  But the savings outweigh the cost of those newspapers.  I've also heard of people getting them at the Dollar Store for $1, so check into that.
I know some people go through the recycle bins by walking the neighborhood on garbage day.  Also dumster dive or recycle dive.  Those recycling bins can have tons of coupons in them.  Also a great tip from a Hip2Save reader was to join FreeCycle and ask for the coupons from other members,

I subscribe to my favorite products newsletters with a junk email account through gmail.  If they ask for you phone number give them the local weather number!  They often send out newsletters with coupons in them.  But I've found Hip2Save and other coupon blogs share new printable coupons when they are released.  Most printable coupons have a limit of 2 prints per computer.  If you have more computer from home you can print more coupons!  Just hit the back button on your browser once or twice to get the coupon to print again.  All the printable coupons will require you to install the printer software.  If you are having trouble or want to learn more on printing coupons visit my PRINTING COUPONS TIPS page to learn more.  Note it is illegal to copy printable coupons.  Each coupon has a unique code, that cashiers look for when scanning them.  Also print in black and white, fast draft to save on ink.  I save my kids homework and print on the back of it, but make sure the page is wrinkle free to prevent paper jams!



Printed out after you make a purchase at your grocery store, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Super Target etc.  The cashier usually hands them to you with your receipt.  So keep those coupons if you will use them, and they can only be redeemed at the store they were printed at.  Your store logo will be printed on them.

* Note* You CANNOT use a manufactures CAT and a manufacture coupon you get from the paper or printable TOGETHER!  You can only STACK a STORE CAT and manufactures coupon together.

These coupons are loaded onto your shoppers card.  They are redeemed when you scan your card at the checkout and by an item you have loaded on your card.
Giant Eagle
Kroger Ecoupons
P&G - Go see if your store participates.
Upromise - is a different kind of electronic coupon. When you load these to your shopper's card, the amount saved goes into your child's college savings fund at Upromise. And, you can use manufacturer coupons in conjunction with Upromise coupons as well. MANY stores nationwide participate in Upromise -- too many to list! Register your shopper's card, and get started saving! After you log in, click eCoupons, and you're ready to load them to your card.

All You is a very popular magazine couponers use.  It's an exclusive Walmart magazine, but you can find cheap subscriptions through out the year.  Look on Amazon, and keep an eye out on the coupon blogs for All You subscription deals.
Also keep your eye out in other magazines, Oprah, Cosmo, Parenting.

You can also order coupons  from a clipping service if you find a great deal and need to stock up.
I sign up for freebies using a junk email account.  I often get coupons with the freebie, or find free coupon booklets to sign up for.  Most all coupon blogs share those freebies with you, so follow those bloggers! Also my local grocery store sends me coupons in the mail because I have a shoppers card with them.  Be sure to use your real home address when signing up with the shopper cards!

Keep your eyes open.  I find coupons at the store on tearpads and in blinkie machines in front of items, by customer service, on products, in my doctors office, in magazines, and in samples I get in the mail for free.  There are lost of places you can find coupons!  Just learn to keep your eyes open!

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Join a local coupon swap, traded in a forum or join a coupon train (mailing coupons for swapping)
I do a little coupon swapping with friends & a neighbor.  I've never traded or joined a coupon train.
HotCouponWorld has a trading forum.