When you see blogs talking about coupons and deals a lot of times you will see something like this:

“Couponer’s Lingo” is enough to make any Coupon Virgin’s head spin… Hopefully this will help!
Ever seen something like this on KCL- B1G1 w/$2/1 from (3/15RP) & earn RR, then submit MIR (YMMV)
It’s almost laughable how ridiculous the code of couponers is!!
Once you figure it out though, it’s a piece of cake!

AC - After Coupon
AR - After Rebate
Blinkies - Coupons found in the stores, usually a red box in front of an item, and it spits out coupons and usually blinks
BOGO/B1G1 -Buy one get one free
BTFE - Box Tops for Education - special markings on products that schools can redeem for free or discounted items
B&M - Brick & Mortar means the physical store, not online
CAT or Catilina - Coupons that come from a  box next to the CRT (cash register tape)
CRT - Cash Register Tape
DND - Do Not Double
Double Coupon - Means the value of the coupon is doubled at the register
ECB - Extra care bucks are CVS store coupons earned when you make special purchase at their store, and are printed at the BOTTOM of you receipt
The Crazy Coupon Ladies have a break down of How to Read ECB and CVS receipts.
ESR - Easy Saver Book from Walgreens with IVC's in them, found in the front of the store with the store ad
EXP - Expiration date
FAR - Free After Rebate
GDA - Good Deal Alert - awesome deal, RUN to the store, and stock up!
HT - Hang tags are refunds or coupons that are found on the necks of product bottles
IVC - Walgreen's Instant Value Coupon - coupons from the weekly ad or ESR booklet
IP/IPQ - Internet printable coupon
MFG - Manufacture
MIR - Mail In Rebate - you have to mail it to a clearing house to redeem
NED - No expiration date
OOP - Out of Pocket - money paid after coupons
OOS - Out of Stock - get a rain check for these items!
OYNO - On your next order - a lot of catalinas fall under this, meaning you need to make an additional purchase to redeem
P&G - Proctor & Gamble Sunday Coupon Insert

PEELIE - coupon found on product that peel off
POP - Proof of purchase found on actual item

RP - Red Plum Sunday Coupon Insert

RR - Register Rewards - These come from Walgreens and are earned by making special purchases, they are like CVS ECB's

RC - Raincheck
SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope some freebies require them
SMP - Specially Marked Packages - some rebates require you buy products with special advertising on them
SS - Smart Source or Sunday Coupon Insert

QUALIFIER - The items needed to complete a rebate
STACKING - Pairing a store coupon and a manufacture coupon together on one item
TMF - Try Me Free - a rebate for the full price of the item when it first is new to the market
TP - Tear Pads are pads with coupons or rebate forms attached to a display.

UPC - Universal Product Code

WSL - While supplies last usually no rainchecks issued
WYB - When You Buy - additional purchase is required
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary - sometimes deals work for some people and not for others.