Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reading a Coupon - The Fine Print

Many times companies will distribute a coupon which is good for more products than just those pictured on the coupon. It's important to READ THE FINE PRINT!  Often times manufactures will picture the more expensive product, but it can be used for smaller sizes or other types.  And sometimes they make a mistake, and picture a product on the coupon that it is NOT good for.  I had that happen to me once on All Laundry detergent.  So make sure you have the right product (might be different than what is pictured) and that you have the right quantity & size. If a coupon is for $1 off 2 items, make sure you have both items.

One coupon per purchase - one coupon can be used for each item you purchase.  BUT remember you can STACK a store coupon AND a manufacture coupon on ONE item, because they are different TYPES of coupons!

One coupon per transaction/Limit one offer per transaction - one coupon can be used for the WHOLE transaction or purchase you are making.

One coupon per visit - only one coupon can be used for your visit to the store
Do Not Double - the coupon doesn't double.  If the coupon starts with a 9, it won't be doubled by the register.  BUT if the coupon starts with a 5, the register will double it regardless of it stating "do not double."

Trial Sizes Excluded - means you can't buy those travel sized products.  There are many times the coupon does not state this, and you can get travel items for FREE!