Friday, May 28, 2010

This Weeks Agenda: Home Organizing for Summer

I apologize I haven't been doing any posts this week.  I have been working on my home organizing before summer hits.  I put together a home binder AKA home mangement binder, control journal, etc.  Basically ONE place for all my families information stored in a binder.  This is a great way to store everything in your head on paper.  I find it reduces my stress throughout the day, and I don't forget things.  I check my binder when I wake up, make some to-do goals for the day, see whats on the calendar for the day, and check it again in the afternoon.  If there is a flyer or to do paper, this is where it goes.   It's also a great place to hold those magazine articles you want to keep, instead of the WHOLE magazine.

What's in my binder is a work in progress, but so far this is what I have:

  • This Week - calendar for the week, weekly agenda & checklist
  • Phone Book
  • To Do's - Things I want to do around the house
  • Schedules - Our daily schedules, weekly schedules, summer schedules, sports schedules etc., camp flyers they are attending
  • Cleaning - A cleaning routine.  I just jotted down what I do every week normally, and what needs to be done bi-weekly/monthly.  I don't really stick to a schedule, but I put this in here.  Fly lady offers a zone list for ideas for each room.
  • Blog - blogging ideas and to-dos
  • Website Accounts
  • Couponing - coupon club & other couponing related items
  • Menu Plan - incomplete
  • Price Book - incomplete
  • Bills - bill schedule
  • Exercise - Y schedule, workouts from magazines
  • Family Fun - when I find magazine articles or ideas for fun things for the family to do.
  • Shopping- need & want list
  • First Aid - CPR guides, heimlich maneuver, first aid references
  • Discipline Section - Random ideas I find on raising the kids.
I also have a recipe binder to hold recipes, and recipes I want to try. 

For The Kids

New this summer, the kids have reading binders for their reading logs.  And next year I will use them to hold school flyers etc.  They also have checklists for the day.  I made summer ones, since our summer schedule will be changing.  So below are their checklists and there cubbies with their binders in them.  The top cubbie is mine, and I have a Bank Binder (basically a home bank account the kids put their allowance in), other files etc.  The kids also put their backpack in here when they get home from school.

The Command Center

In my house the fridge used to hold all these flyers & important papers.  I've tried to eliminate that, and turn it into a communication center.  I have small dry erase boards for each child, I jot quick notes or reminder on throughout the day and a dry erase for things we need.  The side of my fridge also has a HUGE dry erase board, the side fits files folder for menus, some magnetic containers to hold pens and other stuff that used to sit on the counters. 

I've also printed off an emergency list, phone book, and taped them inside my cabinets.  Sorry, no picture.

So I'm ready for summer, and next school year I will have a good system set up for all those papers!  I've been using this system for a month now, and it really does help me accomplish more in my day.  

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