Tuesday, May 18, 2010


To find your store coupons policy, look at the fine print on the local ad, visit their website and find the store coupon policy, or email customer service for their official coupon policy.  I have only listed links to store website policies below.  You can even google "YOUR STORES NAME + coupon policy" and find information that way.

I have learned Walgreen's doesn't really have a official policy, it is up to each store what the will accept.  So YMMV with Walgreen's shopping.  I suggest you print off your store policy and carry it with you when you shop.

These are just a few that I have been able to pull off the internet.

Meijer Coupon Policy - towards the bottom

Kroger Coupon Policy - this lists their printable coupon policy, their coupon policy is on their weekly ads, at the bottom.

Google Search for CVS's Coupon Policy

You will find that some stores don't have an official coupon policy.  It up to each store & the managers to decide.  If there you ever feel the cashier is not accepting a coupon that you think they should, just ask for the manager to clarify their coupon policy.  Don't be afraid to ASK!  The people behind you can wait.