Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Stacking coupons refers to taking a STORE coupon and a MANUFACTURES coupon and pairing them together to buy ONE item. By using this method, you can save even more on a sale item!  How to determine if it's a store coupon or manufactures?  Just look at the coupon type right by the expiration date:

 <---This shows a Target Coupon, "TARGET WEB COUPON" is stated next to the expiration date.

<--- This is a manufactures coupon.  A bit blurry, sorry, but "MANUFACTURER COUPON" is stated next to the expiration date.

You can use BOTH of these coupons together on an Herbal Essence item.  But actually the target coupon states to buy 2 items, so I would also use 2 MFG Q's + 1 Target Store Q = $4 off 2 products. 

Another example are Meijer Store coupons:

I know Kroger, Meijer, Target, Publix, CVS and Walgreen's all allow coupon stacking.  Other retailer may also allow this so this is a good reason to know your store policy.

You can also stack a manufactures coupon and a eCoupon (from Cellfire, Shortcuts and Kroger's eCoupons).

You CANNOT stack different TYPES of coupons.  Meaning a printable manufactures coupon + manufactures coupon from the newspaper.  Stacking can only be done with a STORE coupon and a MANUFACTURES coupon.

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